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Because so much rides on IT.

About Us

High-growth companies require software architecting talent that is broad in perspective, merging core technical disciplines to achieve common goals and deliver aggressive performance results. Hansen Info Tech has done just that. We pride in providing all our clients with a solid architectural background ranging in a variety of software environments including web and mobile. At Hansen Info Tech we understand that there’s more to being an effective software company then just understanding technical functionalities. We strive to bring a creative and insightful approach to all projects, along with a strong desire and willingness to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Each day lends us the opportunity to perform at our best. You focus on running your business; let us handle your software engineering needs. Hansen Info Tech, because so much rides on IT!


    ∙ Python/Django development (web apps, REST api)
    ∙ Mobile development, (iOS, tvOS, iPhone, iPad)